Frequently Asked Questions

Describe your DJ style:

Fun,  Upbeat,  Tasteful,  Modern,  Classy.

Can I give you a request list and what if you don’t have some songs I want?

Yes you can. Although, if your list is extensive, let’s discuss your wishes prior to booking me. My music library contains over 25,000 songs and gets updated weekly, but many timesI have to buy a few songs on a client’s list. No problem.

How about a do not play list?

Sure.  My desire is to properly represent your personality.  I can only do that if I find out these details.

How many other DJs do you work with?

If you hire me, you communicate with me throughout and I will be your DJ. I don’t over book myself and then send someone else.

Can I see you at an event?

I don’t allow people to view me at weddings.  I’m very protective of my attention span at a client’s wedding. If I have an event open to the public, sure, I welcome it. 

Can we meet prior to booking you?

I prefer meeting if possible.  I want to be sure my style is what you’re looking for.

Do you have liability insurance?


Do you offer special lighting?

Yes. I’ll get into detail very soon on this site.

Do you use a sign or banner?

As you can see in my picture above, I use a small lit sign. I turn it on after the formalities at a wedding. Let me know if you prefer I don’t use it, its fine by me.

What about props or group participation dances?

No on the props, if you want a small amount, let’s talk.  The group dances are up to you. Sorry, no chicken dance (I have my standards).

Do you talk throughout the event?

I act as the Master of Ceremonies, so there will be an appropriate amount of DJ interaction.  Once the party gets started, I don’t over use the microphone.  If you want a DJ that talks all night, I can recommend the right one for you.

Do you require a meal?

No, although it is customary to offer a meal to your professionals (Full stomach = creative mind).

Do you book yourself for more than one event in a day?


And the number one question I get asked is…What happens if you get sick?

It’s a great question and the answer is, you wouldn’t know if I were sick. I DO NOT miss work and I’m not going to tell you on your wedding day that I don’t feel well. When I’m feeling under the weather, I rest leading up to the event, drink lots of tea, and take cold medicine. If for some reason I physically couldn’t be there, I’ve helped out my DJ friends in the past, they would reciprocate for me.