Things to avoid while planning your wedding

Planning and organizing a wedding is not easy. If you have quite a lot of free time, a great desire and strong nerves – you can easily arrange a wedding on your own. But when confronted for the first time with new tasks and situations, the bride may not know what to do, where to start and how to avoid mistakes. So, we present you the most common mistakes of brides in the process of planning a wedding with Best Single gemini women from Ukraine for dating.

Mistake number 1. Who will cope better than me?

It is this thought that creeps into the minds of brides who wish to organize the event independently invent and control everything to save their time, nerve cells and money. Let your mother, mother-in-law or girlfriend help you in some matters because you will end up spending more money and resources and will feel overwhelmed. And do not worry – they will cope with the task. And if you do everything yourself – you will get tired long before the wedding day.

Mistake number 2. Experiments with appearance

You do not need to try a new hair color on the eve of your wedding, make a haircut that you have never done, and experiment with the tan. The desire to be beautiful can sometimes play a cruel joke. Also, do not buy new creams and beauty products, which you have not used before, not to get allergic.

Mistake number 3. The desire to quickly lose weight

Many brides really want to get fit before the wedding. But after all, your fiancé loves you the way you are and he made you a proposal right now, which means that he is happy with everything. You need time to prepare for the wedding, and not to exhaust yourself every day with intense workouts. Eat right, do exercises, but do not strive to lose 15 kg in 2 months – it is dangerous to health and can result in a mental break down.

Love yourself the way you are!

Mistake number 4. Getting too excited and carried away be hand-made projects.

Having read and seen pictures from different weddings decorated with hand-made jewelry or gifts, you are full of ideas and you are ready to do a lot of things for the wedding on your own. But it looks easy and interesting until you start realizing your ideas. It takes a lot of time and doesn’t always end up looking great. Choose a few ideas that are really interesting to you and you are ready to spend time on their implementation. For other, less interesting, look for ready-made solutions. To save time for more important matters.

Mistake number 5. Exceed the budget.

No comments here. If you made a rough estimation of the money you are ready to spend, you need to stick to this plan. Otherwise, after spending on trifles you will not have enough money left for the really necessary things. Independent wedding planning requires careful attention and money planning.

Mistake number 6. Quarrels with others

The closer is the wedding day, the  tenser you get over the situation. You want to invite some guests, your parents offer more of the invitees you don’t even know, you haven’t still decided on the place of the official ceremony, and the bridesmaids are busy and do not help with the preparations. Try not to shout and blame everyone and seek for the solution. Maybe you should rethink the guest list, find a place that suits you the most and find out how your friends are doing. Look for a compromise, and everyone will be happy.

How to plan a perfect party in 2019

For some planning their birthday or anniversary is a strain and they prefer their friend doing them a surprise party. But when you really think in advance and ask a few professionals for their help, your celebration will be the best you could ever dream. Because “a little party never killed nobody”, right?

1. Think about the style. Dinner for twenty people or a “standing” party with buffet and dancing? Picnic party or A Black Tie – choose what you like the best.

2. Determine the location and budget. Celebration at home or away from the city? Of course, inviting thirty people into a small apartment is not the best choice for an official party.

3. Preparation schedule. It is best to think about who is invited and what do you expect from the celebration, in fact, a couple of weeks before the event. You will have enough time to choose the menu, alcohol, and playlist and do not get a shock dose of stress. Treat a party as a project and set deadlines.

4. Call the guests. And think about what they will talk about. Check the guests a couple of days before, to confirm their coming to your party.

5. Make a menu of food and drinks. It’s much funnier than buying everything at the last moment, not knowing what and in what volumes you need. A few tips can be found below.


There never can be too much water and alcohol. In the long run, if you don’t drink it all – you can save it up for the next time.

– At aperitif – sparkling wine (prosecco or champagne – everything depends on occasion and budget). The win-win option: dry Italian prosecco and cocktails on its basis. Our choice is Aperol. A lot of Aperol.

– White and red wines, or pink in the summer.

– Strong alcohol: rum, whiskey – it is up for you to decide.


Minimum fuss: vegetables, fruits, large dishes and a lot of snacks is the right choice for an informal evening.

– For the snack: bruschettas, cheese plate, fresh vegetables or a simple salad, hummus, fresh bread, and high-quality butter.

– The main course: risotto, a turkey baked with sauce, burgers and even pies bought in advance will do.

– For a dessert: pannacotta, tiramisu, or what can be better than ice cream? And buy more seasonal fruits.

6. Prepare the serving and decorations.

7. Think about professional help. Making the guests help you is not the best solution. It’s better to hire a professional helper. The photographer is a great idea.

8. Make the playlist. Music is important. Someone loves rap, others want to listen to rock ballads. Need a golden mean? Soundcloud and iTunes are to your help.

9. Decide how you will entertain the guests. Cooking together, playing board games, making cocktails or dancing all night – everything depends on the atmosphere and place.

More tips just in case

– Write down everything: even if you have a great memory, the planner will help to avoid troubles.

– Do not ask the guests for anything. If you are a guest yourself, ask whether the person holding the party needs anything and check what you can bring with you to please the host. A good bottle of wine or chocolates is always a great idea.

– Find out if there are any vegetarians among the invitees or people with allergies.